Business and project development

INVENCE was founded for the development and implementation of new business models. Know-how combined with decades of experience as a partner for German and Arab companies and institutions in whole the GCC formed INVENCE to a company that focuses on the practical implementation of goals. From development to implementation, INVENCE acts quickly, flexibly and customer oriented.

Our Services

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What we do

Strategic and organizational Consultancy

INVENCE offers practical support in business development and project management

Developing, review and redeveloping the business models of projects or companies as well as developing concepts and measures for the achievement of medium and long-term goals. This also includes feasibility studies and preliminary analysis.

For technical expertise, INVENCE cooperates with experienced engineers from the fields of structural and civil engineering as well as mechanical and process engineering.

Through interdisciplinary cooperation with partners in industry and research, INVENCE has experience as a partner and representative of German companies as well as local project work for companies and government organizations in GGC and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in particular.

The focus is on environmental technology and infrastructure. 

Feasibility studies and preliminary analyses

INVENCE offers practical support in business development and project management

INVENCE is also specialized in preliminary analysis: Prior to a time-consuming, costly, long and extensive feasibility study, a preliminary analysis aims to determine general obstacles and whether the idea fits into an overall design.

Technical and economic feasibility: This clarifies the possibilities under technical and financial aspects. For technical questions INVENCE cooperates with engineers and specialists.

Problems and alternative solutions: When the study encounters potential problems, alternative solutions are analyzed that still allow the project to be carried out successfully.

A short and precise analysis ensures an advantage of early information and a founded base for further steps. It saves money and gives security in further decisions.

Project Management: Supervision

INVENCE offers practical support in business development and project management

Wherever different companies must work together, mistakes happen. To avoid later shortcomings an early supervision is necessary. In addition to the selection of competent executing companies, a neutral control body is used to ensure that the work is carried out free of faults and in accordance with the interests of the client (or Government). Supervision can be used during construction projects, technical installation projects or others. (In Germany also for compliance with legal requirements in environment, health and safety)

The purpose of supervision is a complex task and ensures that services are provided on time, on budget and in line with quality requirements. It contains two major aspects: monitoring and coordination. The specific examination of material or technical details is subject of specialized engineers. For this INVENCE is cooperating with specialists in structural and civil engineering as well as mechanical and process engineering.

The task includes:

  • Coordination of the companies and people involved in the project.
  • Schedule monitoring
  • Cost control and invoice verification
  • Coordination with official bodies
  • Daily documentation
  • Compliance with legal framework for safety and environment
  • First point of contact if there are obstructions or other difficulties.

Supervision saves money, time and prevents later shortcomings.

We are happy to answer your questions about our concept and our services. You will get to know us in a personal meeting and we will talk about the implementation of your projects!

Your advantages

Favicon der Firma Invence

What you get out of it

Your advantages with INVENCE

You use our time, know-how and experience to achieve your goals.

Professional support in the implementation of your project on site saves you time and operational resources.